The Fabrics


Our most loved, earth-conscious fibre, that's kinder to the planet, light against the skin and soft with every wear. A natural fabric product made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is some of the most sustainable and natural fabric. The plant grows fast without any irrigation or any pesticides. The linen feels very nice to wear, is fresh, and absorvent; which is a positive aspect due to its lowering static electricity around the body and reduce stress.


Cotton is one of the most comfortable and versatile everyday fibres. This fabric is an airy structure that helps the body to regulate its own temperature, which make it ideal for all seasons. Organic Cotton is produced and certified to organic farming standards. This cotton also means that farmers are not exposed to toxic chemicals in their work. We use Italian cotton poplin because is the best one for our garments.


We use organic cotton Gots. This fabric is very lightweight and fresh cotton. This quality allows us to give volume to our dresses, thus creating very vaporous pieces.